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Keep Going!

I don’t know who needs to hear this today, but keep going.

Take a shower, do your hair and makeup and get dressed. Almost two years ago, my sister Lisa (I can’t just call her a friend because she’s so much more than that!!!) said I’m coming over to your house! That got me out of bed real quick!!

In the process of divorce, Bentley needing surgery, a back injury, an empty nester…depression, anxiety, fear, sadness were present.

But I got up.

I got up and pulled myself together.

I got up and loved MYSELF!!!! I got up and continued to do the inner work.

I embraced my business, my faithful partner over the last 13+ years. No matter what life has thrown at me…and it’s thrown a lot, partnering with BODi has been one of my greatest blessings!!!! To be able to take time off or to work on my own terms….to not have to depend on anyone else. I am forever grateful. Thank you God!!!!

So sis, whatever you’re facing —> GET UP. Love yourself. Be gentle with yourself today. You’re doing your best in this moment, with the experience you have in this situation.


If you’ve ever wondered what the #drabtofablife is…. This is it!!!!!!!! If you needed a reminder that you can get through this, you can and you will!


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